Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Election Day Diary

Sometime between 2am and 3am

I woke up to the sound of assorted munitions going off and Akon’s Smack That. Some 2 hours ago, as sleep wooed my eyelids, my mind had been at war with my head over the turning off of the Tuface-E-be-like-say playing radio. Sleep eventually settled that by letting my head win. But since they belong to the same party-Sleep and Brain (it was obviously rigged).Now my mind has woken up to claim its victory, but the radio station wasn’t playing Tuface again. Are there any sound of gunshots in Akon’s Smack That? I’m not sure, but the sound of exploding dynamites made sure my mind doesn’t dwell on Akon. Sleep scampered into the closet and boom-boom-boom took charge. I smile. Election Day is here.

7am – 9am

After gathering some “intelligence” from chat groups around, I decided to make the trip down the road to the razed Elelenwo Police Station, (Yea, I know it might be dangerous with all the tension in the air but……instinct and curiosity aint a very rational couple, are they?) I won’t bore anybody with what I saw---you must have seen it anyway--- but it was a horrible and sorry site. It was undeserved despite the polar nature of the Police as regards the elections, I thought. Well, Charcoal merchants have found a goldmine.

Noon – 2pm

“Dem go still announce am, wheda una vote or not” That clincher greeted me as I arrived Polling Unit 08.It came from a PDP party agent. There was an argument between …everybody. Voters had insisted there wasn’t going to be any voting unless they see the result sheet, the one they call INEC Form EC…..Ah, I just lost that now. Doesn’t matter anyway. I had decided to embark on an observer or observing mission since there wasn’t any activity in the polling unit where I registered, so I came down here. Voting finally commenced after assurances from the INEC official that the result sheets would be there before the close of voting. I observed that there were posters of the ANPP candidate everywhere, even next to the “polling center” banner. Remember, I am an Observer. OK. This same wheda-una-vote guy was the first to cast his ballot. After thumb printing right there on the polling clerk’s table, he now turned and displayed his ballot for all to see. Na Wao! Well, Shebi na Open Secret system? Election a la Naija. I sighed and walked back to my polling unit.

2pm - 4pm

Back in my polling unit.Confusion everywhere.The Poll Clerks couldn’t find anybody name in the register. I had to point out the number of the polling unit on the register which wasn’t the number on our temporary voters card.After a few shows of ai-tee-keism from some ignorant party agents, the INEC officials decides I make sense.Pronto.New Register.Voting commences.Of course, I was the first, after all no be me resolve de problem?. Enough activity for the day. On my way home I discovered that voting has already ended in Polling Unit 08.Guess what? The results weren’t announced and the heavens didn’t drop. Same old story. I jejelly continued my journey home.


INEC still “fcuks up” everything. Definition of fcuks up? OK. Annnouncing results in and for places where there were no elections. Declaring winners when the REC is still collating the results. Activity as another PDP….there are plenty others. I am here brooding. Thinking of how I spent the election day and what will happen now.No protests. Nothing. I think about what the late Bola Ige said….hmm, siddon look. Should I do that. I guess I will. I’ve got no choice.

E be like say
Dem don tell us that story again oo


These things occur everyday in Iraq, don’t they? My heart goes out to the victims though.


Once again these guys showed that they are our last hope, if there is any. I wonder what my erstwhile legal icon (Gani) would do now.