Friday, December 25, 2009

Two years after.

Two years after...

I tried tweaking my template, and lost most of what i felt made the porridge thick.

I got a job that pays to keep you in prison. That leaves me with zero time for blogging, scrabble, Ruchi and created more enemies than friends for me.

The world got an Obama and lost a Jackson... Leaving me wondering what really the fuss about these men were.... Was it just about being black?

Saw the rise of Facebook and Twitter, and the fall of Myspace and the Blogger..

I look back at some piece i wrote and wonder, 'how could you have posted such trash'?

Memories. Some are like shadows stabbing you in the back. Others , apparitions beckoning you forward.

I've grown to be a nut. A harder nut. Priorities got new meanings. And a trip to Nwanyi Mbammiri wasn't one of them.

I have to let the twinkle in my eye die right in front of her. Not because she wasn't charming, but because well, ... it wasn't Priority.

I've wrote little junk. Read more junk. And wondered why it's junk everywhere.

Saw Chxta go, Tayo too. Even Santa grew ever smaller. At least i can now sleep through through my December 25ths.

T9 made more sense. Cap'n Thumb became the captain of this team and i've done more business with Opera and Bolt. Why wasn't Explorer fighting?

Am still not doing Okporoko, Eba & Egusi. They still wonder how i'd managed... But Isiewu and that cold green bottle was there when i needed them most.

I'm still loving Scooby Doo, wont take breakfast until am done with Kaakaki... and yes, i grin all day when Dr. Dre calls it Decision Collision. Funny, this young lady here doesn't get it when i get Tribal Ink, Linkin Park and Ginger Williams in the mix.Did i mention Cloud 7?

Wish it could still be House of Grace.

I dread not being young...but then i have to keep at getting old. But i know 20 years from now, i'd still listen to Maroon 5, Jesse McCartney, Banky W and M.I and just as I borrowed Joe Nez & Sweet Breeze from them, they'd still let me keep my memories.

I knew i'd still be loving bachelorhood. It shelters my nuances and eccentricities.

Life is just this. To be continued.