Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coke: Proudly Nigeria

At times, i wonder for how much we've all sold our sensibilities for, that some white man or his copycat protege would think they are worth less than a penny. Imagine, the new Coca Cola billboard ad that "proudly" tells us that a canned Coke is "Now proudly Produced in Nigeria"! Okay! Lets say we have to flaunt it when we've got it, but what's the idea behind celebrating a soft drink that was already being put in cans by 1955, some 58 years before now. So we are now catching up, abi? Please Nigeria Bottling Company, stop offending my senses by either removing this "proudly" something (dont really mind the celebrating because they are guzzling can Coke)or getting this billboard off my Junction...abeg!. At least i wont have to be confronted by it every minute. Once again, na beg i dey beg.

Monday, February 25, 2008

That i live...Pt 1

Confined in a metal egg
At a masters call
Life tastes of brine and rusted metal..
Then the bitterness of squashed hopes
This anvil pleads for respite
From this scorching comfort
As all fliuds inside of me remain in flux
Can i go home now,
Suga, can i come home?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Rats, anyone?

I am looking for prospective investors in the Nigerian informal sector, i know a zillion places where we can strike gold hunting rats-Chinese, Belgium, and even Thai rats for export....yea, they are export quality. We are looking at big dollars by exporting to Thailand. Doubt if they need it, read this culled news from You are interested? Holla. I know dey joke oo!

Thai diners show appetite for rat

Rats have long been eaten in poorer regions of ThailandThai fast food sellers are enjoying a boom in rat sales, as people learn to love the taste of the rodent.

While rat has long been eaten in Thailand's poorer northern regions, a growing number of the country's roadside vendors are now serving it up.

The rats are drowned and sold uncooked or ready to eat, with happy customers purchasing rat meat for as much as 150 baht ($4.82; £2.30) a kilogram.

"It's better than chicken," one customer told the AP news agency.
'Nothing can compete'

"It all depends what you like, but it's a normal meat like any other," added Thongyu Roruchit.
They are definitely clean

Rat vendor Sala Prompim
One rat seller, Sala Prompim, said that the hip and liver were the best cuts.
"It's tastier than other meats - nothing can compete with rat," he added.
Mr Prompim said he only used rats caught from rice fields, and not those found in towns or cities.
"They are definitely clean," he said.

The animals are killed by drowning, before being skinned ready for cooking - poached, fried, grilled or baked.
Mr Prompim says he sells as much as 100kg of rat meat on some days.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wetin dey happen?

For the while i decided to stay off the blogosphere, its been like walking feeling lonely in a crowded room. I'm glad to be back, though not fully, but back least in my mind.

So i will start with my favourite topic. "Polls, Politics, Politricks and Politicians" . You will all have to forgive, maybe next time i will blog about something less boring...

Now this is my post for the moment ; "Wetin be our president agenda sef?"..Anti corruption, fixing infrastructure, eco-management...etc. I dey ask because i no actaully dey see wetin dey happen. I know, forget about the seven point blah blah... you neva ask yoursef this question? Till i come around again. Ciao.