Wednesday, November 03, 2010


I don’t think I’d want to make resolutions anymore. Yes, I know that, ‘he who fails to plan, plans to fail’, but that depends on how much you attach to resolutions as a critical element of plans. And now that I think of it, if resolutions are an integral aspect of successful living, then why am I still here? Okay, maybe you’d say am not ‘successful’ yet since I shy away from them resolutions… but hey! You don’t know me, do you? Lol!!

The last time I came around here, I made a ‘resolution’ to update this blog at least weekly…but something seem to be keeping me from doing just that. I’d log into Blogger every now and… I had even left the compose page on in a minimized window for a day but still no post. It wasn’t as if I had nothing to say; actually I’ve been choked by things I’d want to say, but haven’t said. I had always wanted to come around here and purge myself of the junk thoughts… those that keep you soliloquizing on end. Blogger offers me that conduit and space, only a journal offers and I love it… but still I just won’t write!

On penultimate New Year’s Eve, I made a resolution not to make resolutions again and I’ve wholly kept with that until this. Now everything is gone… entwined in this humdum of a new post and whatever the essence is.

But now, I’m back again and I want to keep doing this again, probably every week… but the problem is; Does this decision equal another resolution? I hope I’m wrong, ‘cos if I’m right…then I’m afraid this new resolution might have already become an obstacle to itself. A stillbirth of sorts.

Maybe, am just a spontaneous person. Maybe.