Monday, September 10, 2007

Ondo Dog eating

Hmm, interesting times are coming.I am facing the dilenma of how to view the unfolding events in Ondo State. Whether wrong or right, considering that the issue at stake is an inherent illegality, at least by name. Just heard on BBC's Focus on Africa programme that 11 PDP members were abducted in a meeting. The abductors ( i prefer that to kidnappers) were requesting payment for helping the PDP out rig the other parties, notably the Labour Party in last April polls.Well, i dont and wont sanction illegality, but when illegality begets illegality and both of them cancel each other out, what do you say?

The point is this actually. Kidnappers, abductors, criminals, whatever we call them should let us ordinary folks be and face those who sent them in the first place, in a classic case of dog eat dog... (unless, of course the Labour Party is stage managing this).

So now the dogs are barking at or better still eating the dogs.And if THIS is happening , it cant be wrong, or can it? The chickens will definitely come home to roost.